Top 9 Things Investors Want

Do not outsource your product.  Keep product development, key management, and customer acquisition in house.  Outsource everything else. Negotiate everything.  Be a hard-ass when it makes sense.  Don’t sweat the small things but don’t be a push over. Know the investor game.  Know what it means to receive investment.  Know the process. Stay focused.  Explore … Continue reading “Top 9 Things Investors Want”

Top 6 Seed-Stage Tips from a VC

Had a great conversation with a great mentor today at FounderFuel.  He shared some things to think about when you are early stage and really are thinking hard about your direction and vision. Ride the Wave – What is the real opportunity that is happening right now.  What is the macro or bigger picture.  Are … Continue reading “Top 6 Seed-Stage Tips from a VC”