Startup Weekend Results

Had a blast at Startup Weekend Madison.  I met a lot of really cool people and saw some great pitches. My team (InfoActive) was exceptional.  It was well balanced and everyone was very democratic and easy to work with. InfoActive creates info graphics which are interactive and combines additional features and functionality which marketers NEED.  Awesome. Results here We didn’t … Continue reading “Startup Weekend Results”

Startup Weekend

Wow, Startup Weekend is almost here.  I signed up the first moment I heard about it almost two months ago and have been waiting diligently for this week to come. Things I’m most looking forward to: Meeting awesome people Using our brains to build cool stuff Collaborating Opportunities from just showing up Testing myself against … Continue reading “Startup Weekend”

New Site

Hello everyone this is Adam Perkins and welcome to my online resume. Here you’ll find everything that I’ve been involved with since I started being an entrepreneur.  I’ll also be posting some interesting stories and things that I’ve run into in my different businesses.