Gut and Intuition

STOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!  Something deep down inside you is screaming at you, you can barely feel it and are trying to shove it down and out of your mind.  You are having a conversation with a potential partner and just have this little nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right.  Perhaps you are about to bring on a co-founder who’s previous experience dwarfs your own and talks the talk.  All logical signs point to YES this is right, but something…something is telling you to not go through with it.

I was having a conversation just today about listening to your gut.  Brian Johnson from Networked Insights who is a super smart guy gave me the advice to always listen to your gut feeling.  But why?

Consider trying to catalog and analyze your entire life experience.  Thousands of interactions, millions of conversations, endless emails, text messages, facial expressions and more.  Your brain may not consciously, individually, remember all of these bits of data but like ‘big data’ your brain draws conclusions based on the aggregate of your experiences.  Your subconscious intelligence provides you a roman style (thumbs up or thumbs down)  response to most situations.  That nagging feeling is your indicator.

Listen to it.  It is probably right.  Don’t let greed or other more powerful emotions override the ‘right’ decisions.  After all it is a part of you and an aid in the decision making process.


Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.