Ruby and Technical Skillsets

Been spending a lot of time (well most of June really) coding in Ruby on Rails for the Infoactive project and also some other projects to help improve my skills.  It is an awesome language and I am having a ton of fun doing it.  I would say after a month of almost non-stop programming I’m approaching an intermediate level.  I probably spent 150-200 hours in June hacking on things and learning.

The last time that I was heavily into development mode was back in college when I was doing a lot of Java.  Since them I’ve done an enormous amount of T-SQL and database conversions and migrations.  So handling data and how to display and store it is really cool and something I enjoy.  One of the other side project I’m working on involves integrating ton of different types of communications.  It is a blast to be building all of these different things and it is something I’ve definitely missed.

However with some of the projects heating up I’m spending more time off the dev side of things and doing customer discover (which his a fancy way of saying talking to customers).  Doing that is cool too but on a different level.

I hope to contribute to some open source projects in the future too once I get a little more free time.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.