2013 S.W. Road Trip – Day 01 – Madison to Arkansas..sas.sassss..

The Back-story

So I’m doing this road trip thing.  Taking 2.5 weeks off from work and real life and attempting to travel, code a bit, and also check out some startup hubs in Austin, Tucson, and Boulder.  Also hiking the grand canyon and generally exploring cool things outside of my normal routine!


Why wait?  I’ve been living pretty comfortable doing the same old same old; delayed gratification, working a lot thing.  I like it.  I like working in startups.  I like to work hard.  I like every day I can get put food on the table working on a startup where I own a bunch of equity.  But its time to start doing other things too.  I enjoy nature and wanted to do something physical that would push me.  I wanted to at least spend a few days at some other startup hubs in the country.  And I wanted some time off from the grind.

Also my buddy Caleb is doing something really cool, he is doing a new experience everyday.  Once a month a big experience but every day trying to do something new.  You can check it out here..  The challenge here is coming up with enough ideas, blogging and capturing it, and staying on the band wagon.  He is off to an amazing start.  I’ll be getting him into the Grand Canyon at some point and hopefully doing some paintball / airsoft soon.

Day 01

I didn’t expect to have any adventures on the first day.  In fact I hope it would be uneventful.  But no. :–)  First I forgot 12 hard boiled eggs in my fridge!  Ok well that doesn’t really count… but I did forget a belt and now I’ll have to buy a big Texas belt when I get to Austin.

I was supposed to camp out in the El Dorado state park in Kansas.  It looks like a really nice place to visit.  (http://www.kdwpt.state.ks.us/news/State-Parks/Locations/El-Dorado) Unfortunately it happens to lie right in the middle of tornado alley..and there just so happens to be a major storm-a-brewin.  I took a detour at Kansas City and headed south to Fort Smith Arkansas.  I’ve  never seen so many dead armadillos.  How do they all end up on their backs?  I don’t really understand that.

The scenery down here is really beautiful.  Some of the photos I took don’t do it justice.  Saw a funny car, some awesome clouds, some dirty road signs, and my car hit 20,000 miles.  Wow.  I also took a photo of the food I would be eating.  Since I am eating paleo I eat meats, fats, and a few carbs from yams and fruit and veggies.  So no breads and processed stuff.  Klipper Snacks are weird…kind of yummy..but that’s all I can say.

Tomorrow I’ll be entering Texas.  I was going to visit my friend Sarah but unfortunately plans have changed so I’ll be probably exploring some places along the way to Austin and then hopefully parking myself at the startup center called (http://capitalfactory.com/) and maybe Tuesday  as well.  But who knows.  I might get bored and want to climb around in some national parks.

Pictures are forthcoming when I get wifi.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.