2013 S.W. Road Trip – Day 02 – Fort Smith to Salado TX

Today was a good day.  Started out right eating some coconut flakes, Larabars, and got on the road right away.  The goal was to get past Dallas before rush hour and also get a Crossfit workout in!  Mission accomplished!

I purchased a boring non-texas belt at the local Walmart.  They sold 10 gallon cowboy hats here.  Check out the photo.  So yeah a belt and a towel were purchased.  Good thing too.

Cruised into Texas and a nice gentleman (no hat) helped me to find some great brochures about Austin, Texas, and some other places that I can check out.  So now I have a bunch of literature…and maps.  Lots of maps.  Took a picture of the rest area / travel center.

Not to long after that I met up with Crossfit Solus in Sherman TX.  Great group and taught me a few things which was awesome.  We had a great workout (C2B Pullups then Snatch to Squats, 3,6,9,12,15,18 etc, AFAP) wish I could have spent more time there.  Amazing facility too.

After the workout managed to snag a shower at the location (thank goodness) and felt super energized ready to hit the road again.  It’s amazing what a little exercise can do!  Then bee-lined it to Dallas.  What a huge freakin city.  It never ended!  It took over an hour at 60 miles an hour ( and a few slow downs) to get through most of it.  Wow.

Ok, you’ll notice me taking photos of everything with the state of Texas on it.  Its everywhere.

Finished up the day by planning my trek into Austin tomorrow..taking a small walk (apparently little league is big here, they had like 5 games going in this tiny town), and enjoying the sun.  Oh yah saw a cool hawk thing that was circling my Best Western.  Looking for its next meal??

Ok I was expecting more gun-racks, hats, boots, (saw a lot of trucks), armadillos, and cactus.  Hopefully tomorrow.



Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.