2013 S.W. Road Trip – Day 03 – Austin, TX to Carlsbad, NM

Wow I did a lot today.  :–)

It started out with me thinking there would be more crazy weather..and there was going to be.  More tornadoes incoming into Austin.  Possibly thunderstorms and other hail like weather.  Ooo exciting.  But I decided to heat into Austin on foot regardless.  I started by finding the train.  It was really great actually.

Super clean, friendly, easy, and it even had a security guard on it.  IT was teeny tiny (2 car) compared to Chicago or Montreal but in amazing shape and had no reservations riding it to downtown. (Man!! Texas is spread out)  After my enjoyable 50 minute ride from Lakeline to Downtown I hoofed it around for a couple of hours.

Found a places called Wholly Cow which served grass fed beef and had to grab a late breakfast there.  Double with pepperjack cheese.  No bread. :–)  Next I explored the capital.  Mega-children infused craziness.  Had to wait to get in the building.  Metal detector and all.  Saw George W. Bush, well a painting, and mozied around for a while.

Was examining parking meters as one of the startups I’m working with is called My Meter Maid and we are allowing folks to pay by phone for their parking meters.  So I snagged a few photos.  Then off to a co-working space called GoLabs.  Pretty cool place, tons more people than a Madison co-working space might have.  Spent some time there hanging out. Loved the fact that a ton of startups, developers, and creatives were all in one space.  Jealous.

Next wondered around for a while and talked to some french girl who didn’t understand the train system; so got here straightened out and headed out of town before the storm would hit.  I figured I would drive through it rather than wait..and started driving N.W. towards Carlsbad.  Stopped along the way for some photos of some wild-flowers, cactus (yay), and other cool elevations.

Found a Walmart on my way through Midland and Odessa Texas.  Byebye Texas and cheap gas (like $.50-$.80 cheaper than Wisco).  I loved watching the scenery change from lush trees in Arkansas to cactus, flowers, and eventually more desert like with rolling hills.

Caught a sunset while driving and also some oil pumps.  Cool.  I always wanted to see those.  But they look really lonely.  In fact most of the drive was lonely out in them parts.  All trucks and little else.

Finally managed to pull into Carlsbad by 11:00 CST and moved back a timezone.  I’m a time traveler.  Woot.  Not sure what I am doing tomorrow.  But White Sands monument, Roswell, and Carlsbad caverns are on the list.  Hoping for some more adventures and not to be abducted by aliens.  Found a Super 8..but prices are higher.  Must be because of a touristy town.  Ahhh well.  Until we meet again

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.