2013 S.W. Road Trip – Day 04 – Carlsbad, NM

Holy cow.  Another packed day.

First I went to Carlsbad Caverns and wandered around the area for a couple of hours.  I ran around the area leading into the park like a crazy person, excited about all the views, lizards, cacti, and little mini paths!  Managed to get in early before most of the tourists showed up, oh wait I am a tourist… :–)  It was really cool, an amazing feeling going down almost 1000 feet into a cavern, with little to no light.  90% humidity and sits around 60 degrees year round.  I kept thinking back to The Matrix (Zion) and also other movies where people were in caves (Deep Impact), and whatever.  I kept thinking about how to fit 100,000 people into the cave.  Haha.

Anyway; it is quite a sight and hopefully some of the pictures I took capture the experience.  Cool!

Next I got excited because I saw on Google Maps there was a mountain range nearby, and just had to climb it.  Guadalupe!  Woot.  It is an 8.4 mile hike and 3,000 feet of elevation all the way to the peak.  It was a really cool hike.  I really enjoyed it.  Didn’t enjoy the thought of mountain lions.. 🙂  But it worked out.  I have some really awesome videos and pictures.

My feet hurt as I am writing this.  A few blisters but overall feel good!   That Dr. Pepper was awesome!! I was worried about not having enough water (filled a 3L bladder) and ended up with 1L left when I got to the bottom.  A couple of other hikers didn’t’ bring enough and camped up at the top.  They were struggling near the bottom.

Anyhow.  I found a Motel 6 in a rough part of Carlsbad.  Woops.  Looking forward to checking out Roswell tomorrow, then White Sands, then one more night in a hotel and off to visit my friend Daphna in Tucson.  Can’t wait.


Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.