2013 S.W. Road Trip – Day 05 – Carlsbad, NM to Las Cruces, NM

One of the more uneventful days of the trip but still managed to get some fun things in!

Started out by heading to Roswell, hitting Starbucks (and caffeine) and wondering around town.  I took some photos of aliens, went in a few alien shops, and generally just absorbed the area.  Kind of disappointing.  I was expecting more alien fanfare no dice.  The one pleasant surprise was that I stopped in winery and now have four bottles in my car which will make their way back to Wisconsin.  They are all sweet wines a few whites and one red.  Got a picture of the manager; super cool guy.

Then on my way to White Sands I saw a giant Pistachio and had to stop for a photo.  Never saw a pistachio farm before.  Picked up $10 worth of nuts and continued on to white sands.

Got to white sands and poked around but wasn’t that impressed by it.  Sure dunes of white sands is pretty cool but it makes for terrible hiking, its super dry, and sand everything is no fun.   Got some fun photos, maps, postcard, saw a mountain lion (Stuffed) and moved on.

Interesting.  On the highway to White Sands apparently the entire highway can be closed for missile testing. Holy cow.  Its some serious stuff.  I didn’t try to enter Holloman Airforce Base.  Though maybe I should have.  Thought I saw a green alien sneak past the gate.

Finished up the day heading to Las Cruces.  Found a great Super 8 to stay in for $58.  Nice.  The heat feels great out here.  Looking forward to Tucson to tomorrow.  I smell crossfit and a little more relaxation (Just passed 2K on the trip-o-meter)

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.