2013 S.W. Road Trip – Day 06, 07, 08 – Las Cruces, NM to Tucson, NM

The heat feels great out here in the desert!  Sweet.  I ended up getting to Tucson around 11:00 PM and was having a lot of trouble with my phone acting as a camera.  When I would turn the screen on it would not activate the touch portion of it about 2/3’s of the time, so I would miss a lot of shots.  I swung by Bestbuy right away in the morning in Tucson and picked up a Canon 280SX which is an amazing camera.  So photo quality will be better from here on out.

I spent three nights in Tucson, AZ.  It was a good amount of time (for me) to explore the city, catch-up with my friend Daphna, and enjoy the heat.

As you can see in a photo gas prices were very low in Arizona compared to other parts of the country, about $.60 less and driving around town you’ll see areas which have palm trees which aren’t native.

Daphna has a cute dog named Noodle.  She was helping me see the city and she helped tremendously.  :–)

We were on a hunt for sandals the whole since I had Vibram 5-fingers on, which got extremely sweaty.  After three stops ( Good will, St vincent, Big lots) we found a nice pair for $8.  Wooohoo.

Friday night (Day 6) we spent hanging out, out and about.  I went to Sockfights band practice then wondered around the city for a while.  Went to a bar called Skybar where you could look at constellations while drinking.

Saturday we went to an Oasis.  A natural spring brings water into an otherwise desolate area.  It was lush (for Arizona) and really cool to see the wild life ( ducks and turtles and also more palms??).  Later we went to Sockfights show!  It was nice to be able to listen to music outside with almost no chance of rain or bad weather.

Sunday we hit up the farmers market.  Purchase some lime-chilli seasoning, dried fruit, and grapes.  Yum.  Then explored Mt. Lemmon.  Up to about 8000 feet of elevation.  Saw all sorts of great sights.  It dropped in temperature by like 20 degrees and was cold on the top with the wind.

The next day; off to Flagstaff!

Gallery below and a video of my friend Daphna’s band!

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.