3 Day Startup

Over the past weekend I went to three day startup.  It is an event like startup weekend however it has a little more focus and the target demographic is closer to college students.  However some of us out of college were also able to get in and provide leadership for groups.  It was another long weekend however we did have a really good time and developed some really cool products.

The project I was on was called formula database.  The group may have to do a little bit of rebranding our marketing on the name but it does describe its purpose.  Essentially the formula database is a search engine which allows folks in hard science courses to search for formulas and parts of formulas much easier than traditional methods.  For example if you were given a formula in a class and wasn’t sure what the name was you could search for the actual numbers letters and symbols and its name and how to use it would come up.  Internet search engines like Google and wolfram alpha you cannot enter symbols of these complex formulas nor can you relate the various variables and intelligent search results.  The concept is very cool and I’m excited about where that product can go.

So it was nice to be pretty much the only business person in the group and I was able to add a lot of value to them.

I thought we had that one of the best presentations out of the whole weekend.  The pitches were at a higher level of refinement than startup weekend however there were only five groups and two groups from the startup weekend who pitched.

They also had a giant box of apples which is really cool; I love apples.

Any way it was a great weekend and a lot of great people and I am looking forward to the next event.  I have the lean startup machine coming up.  This next weekend and I’ll be traveling to Chicago for four nights.  Also I’m looking forward to having my weekends back after this weekend.


Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.