Adapt or Die

Julian Smith gave a great presentation today which I’ll talk only briefly about.  I’d hate to give away any of his thunder but he is an excellent presenter and makes great points in the startup world (and even beyond).

  1. Pressure forces adaptation.
  2. Use obstacles as fuel.
  3. Test ALL hunches / guesses / everything (A bridge built on a hunch is a disaster)
  4. How can you contrast a trend?
  5. Discover your own ignorance.
  6. Get dirty and make it happen.
  7. Gather data about unknown.  Stop reading blogs in the startup space and read those outside of it.
  8. Act on the inevitable today.  What you know will happen.  Be five years early. Disrupt on purpose.
  9. Cannibalize your own industry.  Apple did this. IPod -> IPhone.  Do it or someone else will.
  10. Pain first instead of the slow increasing pain.  Go the path no one else wants to because its freaking hard.

He also made a lot of references how humans adapt and do the one thing we are good at.  We have to constantly be learning since the pace of chance is increasing.

Adapt or Die.


Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.