AWS OpsWorks – Redis

Recently had the opportunity to work on a project and utilize AWS’s OpsWorks platform. I’m not a big dev-ops guy so this was a nice stepping-stone into the world of Chef.

My set up involves rails 4.1, sidekiq, postgres, redis, and a few other interesting bits.

If you are anything like me and do not want to fiddle with extra cookbooks and just want it to work here is the easiest way to get redis installed. Don’t fiddle with elastic-cache, sidekiq doesn’t like to connect to it and seems to like to default to localhost. So instead of fighting it lets get redis on our instances locally.

There are a few cookbooks out there to install redis. Again, this is the quickest way instead of working with Berkshelf and etc.

  1. Add a custom layer for redis
  2. Go to the recipes and under the os-level add redis-server
  3. Done

That would have saved me 6 hours yesterday fiddling and trying to make sidekiq happy.

On to the next bit!





Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.