FounderFuel Day #2

Day one went by pretty quick.  We listened to everyone’s pitch as-it-was.  Meaning that you just had to pitch your business as you might to investors.  It was a great introduction to the rest of the teams.  Going over ground rules and some of the other bits took the rest of the day.  After that we went out for a couple of beverages in downtown Montreal.  We were able to chat with people a little more informally.  It was a nice start to the day.

I was honestly expecting a little more ‘tough’ on the first day but they kept saying.  It’ll come it’ll come.  I honestly can’t wait to be challenged and pushed and moved and shaken.  Without people to challenge your position and assumptions you will never make much progress…or quick progress for that matter.  I can’t wait for those moments which make people second guess their entire existence at the program.  If you are an entrepreneur I’m sure you’ve experienced those.  The whiplash of finding out some new key piece of information or a new competitor or something which completely invalidates the last four months of work.  Haha..

Day two was a little more settling in.  Was able to meet with one of the partners and get some good feedback.  We might be changing our plan a bit because of it.

The process is informal but also formal at the same time.  We have a number of meetings and also free time to push the biz forward in the way we think it should be pushed.

It is also only what you make of it.  Day #1 and day #2 most teams were out of the house by 6:00 PM.  Just wanted to make a note because I think once things start to heat up with mentors and conversations with partners people will be staying later and later.  :–)   Time * Productivity = Progress.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the progress everyone else in the house will make!

Also looking forward to applying what I am learning!


Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.