FounderFuel Week #1 – Complete

Week one went pretty quickly.  Over before you know it.  Trina and I spent most of our time coding this week working towards getting a ‘beta’ ready to go.  Had some meetings and some presentations as well which were very helpful.

Went out with some of the FounderFuel people last night as well and it was a really good time.  Hit a couple of interesting bars in the area though one we went to had a very nice outdoor area.  The walls on one side were another building maybe 6 or 7 stories high so when you would look up it looks like the walls reached the sky.

Also went for a run and took this photo from the top(ish) of Mt Royal.  That was a long way up and there are some great stairs for running up (and down).  Looking forward to doing it again and maybe finding some more vantage points.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.