Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note.  One of my projects was accepted into an Accelerator program called FounderFuel a couple of weeks ago.  As such the past couple weeks has been one  crazy scramble to get ready, sublet, fix up my apartment, turn over to a management company, continue work on the project, put a couple other projects on hold, and more.

Trina and I are extremely excited to be included in such a program.  Only 8 teams are picked and we have some great options for financing.  Also the mentoring and the advising aspects are amazing.

We just moved to Montreal on the 7th of August and the program starts on the 13th of August then runs through November 8th.  We hope to be running into some of the previous F.F cohorts and getting things moving soon.  We have a bit of settling in to do and getting connected (internet, phone, computers, and more)

I am more of the stay-at-home and get stuff-done-project-manager-type and leave the traveling up to those who get excited at the thought of exploring a new city.  I wanted to get that out there to convey how committed and motivated I am to make the most of this program.  Motivated enough to pick up my life on a moments notice and move to a new city.  Also how committed I am to become successful and reach my dreams.  Sometimes you have to do things that put you outside your comfort zone and sometimes you have to pickup and move.

Anyhow.  Writing this from a cafe in Montreal, CA and looking forward to starting the program next week.

More updates later on.



Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.