Startup Weekend Results

Had a blast at Startup Weekend Madison.  I met a lot of really cool people and saw some great pitches.

My team (InfoActive) was exceptional.  It was well balanced and everyone was very democratic and easy to work with.

InfoActive creates info graphics which are interactive and combines additional features and functionality which marketers NEED.  Awesome.

Results here

We didn’t place.  However we did get the most valuable prize and the one I had my eye on from the beginning.  We receive some mentoring from Justin Beck who created a startup (PerBlue) one of the more successful ones in Madison.  So that is pretty sweet.

Next steps for InfoActive?  We’ll see.  We have a couple of meetings this week to see where we can go from here.  (I’m second from the right)



Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.