Top 9 Things Investors Want

  1. Do not outsource your product.  Keep product development, key management, and customer acquisition in house.  Outsource everything else.
  2. Negotiate everything.  Be a hard-ass when it makes sense.  Don’t sweat the small things but don’t be a push over.
  3. Know the investor game.  Know what it means to receive investment.  Know the process.
  4. Stay focused.  Explore other options after you get a repeatable profit machine churning away.
  5. Early traction.  Yes you have some users and yes they are paying.  Or yes you have 10000 people on your mailing list.  Something.
  6. Passionate team.  You are passionate, right?
  7. Maximize variable costs.  Hiring with salaries = high fixed costs.  Outsource as much as possible.
  8. Clear crisp offering.  So much clutter in the market place you need to be able to communicate what you do.
  9. Big market.  Of course.


I’m sure there are many more but these are key!

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.