Vision, Insight, Clarity, Direction

Those are big words.  And I’m not talking about the length I’m talking about the meaning.  If you are in a startup those four words should mean more to you than anything else.

Insight: The driver of everything as it relates to your business.  Without insight you lack the reason for starting a business.  The reason is what gets people excited.  You know something that others do not.  It is an unfair advantage.  Sure it doesn’t last forever but orchestrating a business to meet a some trending areas is impressive.  Find your insight before you pitch.

Vision: This is crafted from insight and gives you the chance to dream a bit (as the CEO we must both be dreamers and realists crammed into a single entity).  The vision communicates where you will end up in five years when everything goes according to plan.  $100+ million exits.

Direction: This is your next step.. and the step after..and the step after.  You might not know your exact steps to create a $100 million company but you know the next step because you’ve learned from your previous step.  Additionally without confidence on direction you will be discarded.

Clarity: This refers to the above and the below.  How clear are you about your insight, vision, and direction.  Without clarity trying to communicate these important tidbits are lost amongst a sea of static, noise, fuzz, and crap.

All of these words have something in common and that is the letter I.  A startup is a TEAM sport but as a CEO of a startup it is up to YOU (I) to craft everything we just spoke about.  More so it is up to the CEO to ensure the company moves and executes accordingly.

Keep those words in mind.  Keep what they mean to you and your business in mind.  They are central and significant.  Don’t give up.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.