Where to Sell | Don’t be a Tool

VC’s are looking to invest in enterprise.  Angels are looking to invest in enterprise.  Why are 75% of startups consumer facing?  Could it be that people who invest their money to make money for a living are wrong?  Doubtful but possible.  It is more likely that we as entrepreneurs do not have problems in the enterprise world … Continue reading “Where to Sell | Don’t be a Tool”

Adapt or Die

Julian Smith gave a great presentation today which I’ll talk only briefly about.  I’d hate to give away any of his thunder but he is an excellent presenter and makes great points in the startup world (and even beyond). Pressure forces adaptation. Use obstacles as fuel. Test ALL hunches / guesses / everything (A bridge … Continue reading “Adapt or Die”

Top 9 Things Investors Want

Do not outsource your product.  Keep product development, key management, and customer acquisition in house.  Outsource everything else. Negotiate everything.  Be a hard-ass when it makes sense.  Don’t sweat the small things but don’t be a push over. Know the investor game.  Know what it means to receive investment.  Know the process. Stay focused.  Explore … Continue reading “Top 9 Things Investors Want”