I love startups.


I love starting new projects and am looking for other experience entrepreneurs who have gone through the grinder before!

I believe startups need to focus on the problem they are solving and the value they provide their immediate customer (not the solution which seems sexy at the time). What is the value they bring their customers and why do those customers care? How much do they care? How is it different or innovative? Does the startup understand the industry? Where is the industry headed in the next few years? Etc.

I’m a technical co-founder with a focus on ruby on rails, databases, and back-end functionality. I also do front-end, but it isn’t my forte or interest. I prefer to focus on fusing the intersection of customer value with a technology solution; ensuring the product solves that core problem the startup is set on solving.

Feel free to drop me a note about yourself, what you are working on (what problem you are solving and why people care), and your traction / progress.

I’m interested in coming on full-time with a large amount of equity and making the project my focus or helping out a variety of startups and being a part-time CTO.



  • Startups
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Lean
  • Passionate


Murfie.com | 2013 | Senior Software Developer

  • Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL / Heroku / JQuery
  • Optimized queries, refactored scale-based performance issues, API calls and caching, optimized background and external processes, spearheaded a music data model refactor, leveled up junior rails developers, migrated data from disparate data sources, and performed data cleanup.
  • Created new modules of functionality including: a detailed credit system, a referral system, internal apps which convert FTP pulled flat files to API based applications, and a wishlist system.

InfoActive | 2012 | President & COO / CTO

  • FounderFuel – 3rd Cohort
  • Acting CTO / COO
  • Raised Seed Round
  • Developed code which streamlines the import of data from a wide range of inputs. Removes headers, trailers, random data, missing lines and columns, changes file formats and character sets, handles API sources, CSVs (automatic separator detection), Google Drive, and more
  • Developed code which pipes real time data from a variety of sources into front-end visualizations efficiently
  • Developed code which intelligently recommends visualizations based on source data
  • Set up and maintained Heroku environment for multi-threaded processes.  Dramatically reduced hosting costs

FounderFuel | 2012 | 3rd Cohort – Alumni

The Information House | 2005 – 2012 | Manager, Technical Services

  • Grew a profitable team of developers from one resources to five in two months.  Subsequently managed this team.
  • Implemented new systems which reduced administrative and training expenditures by 25%.
  • Was the lead data conversion and testing analyst for a 4,000+ employee implementation at QBE Insurance. Successful go-live Jan 1st 2012.
  • Performed full lifecycle ETL procedures by converting multiple companies (Briggs & Stratton, IDEARC, Cengage Learning, Aviva, and etc) to a different payroll system on an average of 10% under budget and ahead of deadlines.
  • Created and implemented new payroll and HR conversion methodologies and toolsets utilizing various databases (SQL), stored procedures, and external programs to consolidate and export data (ETL). Documented and trained iHouse’s conversion resources on this methodology.
  • Led onsite and remote client meetings for the data conversion portion of five 3,000+ employee payroll implementations. Through thorough analysis determined project scope, priorities and created a project plan for performing the conversion.
  • Professional Services Manager – Ensured dozens of projects were completed on time by managing multiple development resources, managing customer relationships and also mentoring and training employees.
  • Created automated test cases and auditing reports in conversion programs allowing for a significant reduction in data errors and a very quick turnaround of successive conversion iterations.

Lucky’s Irish Pub & Grill | 2011 – 2012 | Co-owner

  • Projected managed the opening of Lucky’s Pub and Grill (Materials, contractors, systems, licensing, and more).
  • Created the business case, marketing plan and positioning strategy.
  • Raised 80% of the money to open Lucky’s.
  • Managed the partners / investors relationships.
  • Overcame major hurdles and previously unknown accounting problems.

The Madisonian Investment Group | 2010 – 2012 | Co-owner

  • On-going operations and management of multiple units.
  • Evaluation of multi-million dollar apartment deals.
  • Raising capital and investor relations.

Hyde Bar Milwaukee | 2010 | Co-owner

  • Projected managed the opening of Hyde Bar Milwaukee (Materials, contractors, systems, licensing, and more).
  • Created the marketing plan and positioning strategy.

WedGenius | 2009 | Co-founder

  • Lead a team of developers to create WedGenius.  Managed the hosted environment.
  • Marketing lead.  Created the initial marketing plan and found a niche within the competitive landscape.
  • Interviewed and hired interns.

TopShots Photography | 2006 – 2011 | Owner

  • Shot dozens of weddings each year; kept every client 100% happy.
  • Created a highly profitable business model with an effective hourly rate up to $250 / HR.
  • Developed one of the first photography companies in Madison to integrate fashion as key to marketing to brides.


  • Windows & Ubuntu
  • T-SQL, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, PHP, ASP, WordPress, HTML, Javascript
  • Payroll Systems: Ceridian, ADP, Workday, Ultimate
  • Amazon Web Services, Hosted Environments, SFTP