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Thanks for visiting my page.  I’m Adam and I need your help.  My life and my families life has been forever changed by Lyme disease.  Here is a little bit about my illness and how I plan to recover.

December 2015.  Something is wrong with me.  I felt weak and fatigued for two weeks straight along with some chills peppered in for good measure.  A trip to my doctor revealed nothing out of the ordinary.  So I persevered.  But something in my subconscious was teasing me, you are not ok.

Each week that went on after had more and more symptoms start to appear.  Fever, fatigue, no motivation, depression.

I sent my blood over to Germany for testing at Armin Labs since my primary doctor and western medicine do not believe in Lyme.

It was positive.  I have Lyme and co-infections.

I started treatment for a few months with no real progress.  One of my first antibiotics caused me to crash, hard.  Panic attacks, depersonalization, anxiety, fear, shakes, fatigue, weakness, heart palpitations.  It was the scariest time of my life.  Feeling like I was dying.

I was worse than when starting treatment.  Yikes.  I couldn’t function well.  Day to day activities were now consuming all my spare energy.  I was afraid to go to the mailbox, having panic attacks in restaurants (too much stimulation) and once in an airport.  I still cannot drive.  🙁

Since then I’ve been treating with antibiotics and natural methods.  I’ve tried nearly everything.  With little progress.

Its time for a change in treatment.  I’m heading to Infusio (In California) starting on August 21st.  It is a two week treatment method based on rebooting your immune system through various IVs and making your body clear the infections by itself.  You also receive an injection of your own stem cells to assist in this and also start repairing the damage lyme has done (in my case, to my brain, heart, joints, and other places).   My wonderful wife Brandy is going to make sure I get  there and support me during this treatment.

Instead of focusing on killing Lyme we are focusing on rebuilding my system to handle and suppress it.  Many people have found good success here, people much worse off than myself (completely disabled and cannot walk for instance).  They quote about 80% of patients return to their previous quality of life with 10% having moderate improvements.  I believe I’m a perfect candidate as my immune system is low.

The total cost of treatment is $25,000 with another $5,000 in travel expenses.  I’m trying to raise $10,000 to help support our family as we go through this treatment.  Your help would mean the world to me.

Best Wishes!

Adam & Brandy & Zoo

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Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.