Post Infusio – Update 10

Posted on December 7, 2017

Weeks 11-14 through – My 100 day update

Well finally made it to the 100 days.  A milestone but not the end of the journey by far.

Things which have improved:

  1. Foot Pain (50% better)
  2. Air Hungers (Gone)
  3. Dry Skin (80% better)
  4. Eye weepiness (80% better)
  5. Body Temperature (Mostly normal)
  6. Life feeling unreal / like a movie or video game (10% better / just a bit but noticable)
  7. Emotional Stability (Back to Normal?)
  8. Anxiety (Infusio brought it from 60% to 90% or 100%?)
  9. Pain behind eyes (Gone most days havent had it in weeks now)
  10. Going to the bathroom at night and waking up (80% better)
  11. Feeling rested (Before Infusio I can’t remember when I’ve woken up and felt rested.  Since treatment I’ve felt actually rested now a couple of times)

Things which have gotten worse:

  • Perception sensitivity (Being in Public is very uncomfortable still; just overwhelmed and feel like I’m going to freak out).. harder than it was to be out and in public before stem cells
  • Headaches a few times per week.  Different kinds of headaches.  Many more than I usually get.  They usually respond to Tylenol now where as before they may not have.  Dunno what that means.
  • Toe nail bed infections.  I think as my immune system comes back online its finally fighting some infections in different parts of my body.  Had to take some ABX for this unfortunately as toe soaks were not helping (tried for 2 months)

Things which have stayed the same:

  • Physical Fatigue
  • Mental Fatigue
  • Motivation
  • Irritability
  • Inability to handle a lot of stressors

Once I type it all up and look at things that have improved it certainly seems like a lot.  It’s exciting to see all that stuff that has gotten better and become unnoticeable.  Those items were probably caused by inflammation alone and resolved quickly after my stem cells and treatment at Infusio.  Those items were also not a huge impact on my life and its nice they are gone but it hasn’t yet improved the quality of my life significantly.  (Although feeling rested once in a while after years of not, is really NICE)

The remaining items are the items that will make the biggest positive shifts and be the most noticeable.  It is unfortunate that those haven’t budged much or have gotten worse.  But at least things are happening and I look forward to seeing what happens in the next 3 months as Neurological healing begins.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.