Post Infusio – Update 3

Things are going pretty well overall.  Sleep is tough on the hard mattress, but making due.

Day 3 wasn’t too bad, did four IVs, trigger point massage, and a thymus shot.  No reactions (yay).

Day 4 wasn’t too difficult either, did the 10 pass ozone treatment, one IV, and a thymus shot.  The hardest part was thinking about the blood leaving and entering your body and being able to watch it ( I did not).   A couple hours after the treatment I got extremely tired and took a nap, but was having a hard time sleeping at night.

Not anticipating any other issues as I’ve done most of the IV’s at this point but maybe one or two new ones yet.

Mostly just nervous about the procedure on the 31st.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.