Post Infusio – Update 4

Another little update.

Day 5: Was an easy day with the typical IV’s we’ve gotten so far, so no surprises.  Was starting to recover a bit from a walk I did a few days ago.  I was getting in the rhythm and pretty upbeat about everything.

Day 6 (Saturday): Another pretty good day, pretty easy over all again.  4 IVs, Lazer Bed, Thymus and etc.  Unfortunately I was starting to feel ok and I did a 30 minute walk and crashed hard for 3 days after.  We didn’t have treatment on Sunday so I just rested all day.  It was kind of like having a fatigue so bad that you cant move.  This lasted until and through day 8.  So hopefully Day 9 it’ll start to dissipate and I can get back to looking forward to the various procedures.  Though I dont know of anyone looking forward to getting fat harvested haha.

Day 7: Fairly easy day, 5 IVs, thymus, laser, more dizzy than normal and fatigued still.  Rested after the treatment.

Day 8: Fairly easy again, Did the 10 pass ozone and a Meyers cocktail.  The idea of the 10 pass is to shove more blood into red blood cells and improve immune function.  Not my favorite thing to watch the blood coming in and out.  But we got through it and its my last 10 pass.  Got home and am now eating a nice salad and looking forward to getting to sleep and maybe hopefully waking up at least semi-rested.  No more walks for me.

I think the procedures are taking it out of me I cannot do both treatment and exercise.  I used to be able to do a 30 minute walk a few times a week.  So a little bit of a step back but hopefully its all worth while in the end (100 day + mark).

Just trying to get through it one day at a time.  When you dont feel well not being in your comfort zone (at home) is really tough.  So to everyone else who has to travel for medical stuff, I feel you.

Unfortunately my start time is at 6:00 am Thursday, even though I requested anything but 6am.  Messing with my sleep tends to be bad news for me, however its just part of the process and we’ll get through it one way or another.

I’ll drop another update after the procedure on Thursday.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.