Post Infusio – Update 5

Well, I’ve neglected this page a little. ¬†Sorry ūüôā

The rest of the days at infusio were pretty easy.  I recovered from strength from my walk and just did all the IVs.  Had zero problems.  Was just antsy to get home.

The day of the procedure was nerve-wracking but went smoothly.  We managed to get it moved to like 4pm or something.  So that was a really nice thing Infusio did for me.  So I got proper sleep the night before.

The procedure was very uncomfortable, not terribly hard.  I had a lot of fibrous material in my back so it was tough to get the fat they needed.  They had to numb 2x the normal amount.  I got 190 million cells, so around 4x the norm which was good.  I would not recommend full Lipo to anyone.  Yuck.

My back was numb until I woke up the next morning and oozed a lot. ¬†Oh fun. ¬†ūüôā ¬† Travel home went ok. ¬†Super tender back for about 2 weeks..

Week 1 Post Stem:
I had a lot of energy from all the treatment and stuff but by 7 days after getting home I started to crash a bit and all my big symptoms got worse (dizziness / unreal feeling and fatigue).  My foot pain resolved a bit (its still stiff).  I used to get achey feet in the mornings.  So that improved a bit.

Week 2 Post Stems:
Crashed like I mentioned above.  Do not feel like doing much.  Just trying to focus on getting through the days until things get a little better.  Nothing really notable here.  Expecting week 5 to be hard (typically a lot of ups and down) but who knows, everyone is so different.

Thankful I was able to get the treatment and had a good group to go through it with.  One of our member is seeing improvements already at 15 days.  So she is doing really well.  Very awesome.

More updates coming week or every other week.  Best wishes and thanks again for helping me get the treatment.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.