Post Infusio – Update 6

Posted on 09/30/2017

Weeks 3 and 4 (Starting week 5).  No real positive shifts, but one evening last week I noticed I didn’t feel as terrible at night (little garbage instead of big garbage, haha).  So that was kind of fun and refreshing.  The rest of the time I’m noticing an uptick in symptoms well defined by the community who has gone through this before and also by Infusio.

While more symptoms aren’t really more fun it is reassuring to know that the stems cells are performing their jobs as assigned (heal, regulate, detox, win).

Most of my newer reactions to treatment:

  • More dreams / remembering them almost every night
  • Brain fog / sensitivity (visual and auditory) in public increased
  • Some insomnia here and there (Fortunately its not terrible at this stage)
  • Daily head pressure / head aches
  • Rashes on neck
  • Some stomach issues
  • Occasional chills / buzzing sensations
  • Eyes watering
  • *Crushing Fatigue – Already had various levels of fatigue.  Maybe worse, its difficult to know.
  • *Disorientation / Not Real Feeling – This one just got a little worse, was already present
  • (New Today) Weepiness / Sadness / Wacky emotions

That last one is new today / yesterday.  Apparently when folks enter week 5 they start to have some more emotional ups and downs.  So I’m right on target there.  It can last until week 10 and things will start to even out (typically).  Since I’m following the text book so far I’ll assume that’ll be the case.

This is tough.  But I’m excited for what comes next and to see things start to resolve.  Thanks for having patience with me.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.