Post Infusio – Update 8

Posted on 10/27/2017

Weeks 7 and 8

Overall not many changes in the last couple of weeks.  Although things are calming down a bit (the big fluctuations and new symptoms are slowing down).  Less emotional too, which is nice.

  • My toe pain has gotten worse and going into the DX revealed my toe nail beds are infected and the standard course of action is 10 days of ABX.  Unfortunately ABX aren’t allowed after stem cells (of course if you are dying then you should take them) until the 100+ day mark.  So the plan of action is to try and soak the feet in apple cider vinegar and hot water and hope it resolves on its own.
  • Still have had nearly daily headaches.  Although (knock on wood) the last 3 days I really haven’t had any.  So hoping they are calming down too.
  • My gut is still a mess.  Some weird stuff going on still.  Hoping that can resolve soon, but in the grand scheme of things I’d glady take these problems vs the ones below.
  • My main two symptoms remain on touched.  Depersonalization and major fatigue.  🙁

As the 5-10 weeks of “difficult” times is starting to pass hopefully this is the start of real healing.  Although some folks have it difficult up to 6-9 months.  Hoping I won’t be in that boat.  We are just eclipsing 2 months so that is a bit of a milestone.

I don’t really feel like Lyme and co-infections is the core of my problems at the moment (but who really knows) It feels more like just damage from the disease / antibiotics.  I say that because not only did I do a fair amount of nasty treatments prior to Infusio but I don’t have new things popping up the same way I did when I was sick.

Anyway hope you are all doing well.  I’ll drop another update in 2 weeks.

Author: Adam Perkins

Startup Entrepreneur from Madison Wisconsin.